3 October 2017

Email or Social Media Marketing: Which One is Powerful to boost Sale and increase ROI

About 60% of internet marketers have asked us to believe that email marketing dominates over social networks. The other 40% told us that email marketing and social media are different. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.
In general, email is better for generating traffic and direct conversions and social networks, with the participation of your audience. Let's take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of each chain:

Where e-mail marketing works best

Let us now see where email marketing works better than social media:

Scope - Unfortunately, 2,000 subscribers of e-mails and 2,000 Facebook fans are not equal.

Chad White of Litmus says that algorithmic changes on Facebook severely restrict the organic scope of messages.

"When you have 2,000 Facebook members, only 2 to 5 people will see any publication you publish," says Stuart Marler from Digital Retriever.

The organic reach of Facebook has been reduced to 6% of its fan base in 2014 according to a study by Social @ Ogilvy.

The scenario is even worse if it has more than 500,000 tastes, then it is further reduced to 2%.

Danny Sullivan of Marketing Country has already written that on his Twitter account less than 2%, see his tweets. However, this is nothing compared to email where the average open rate is 21.73%.

In other words, if you have 2,000 e-mail subscribers, 2,000 Facebook subscribers, and 2,000 subscribers on Twitter, here is what you get:

435 people will open your emails
120 Facebook fans will see your message
40 followers of Twitter, you will see your message

You can now see that email marketing exceeds social media regarding reach. And with an average open rate, you can quickly increase by entering better object lines.

In the same campaigns, it can reach 40 to 45% of open rates, which can not be achieved with social networks.

Higher click rates: According to other statistics, email marketing campaigns can show the Facebook and Twitter click rates between 50 and 100 times.

"E-mail is always the king. it's 80% in 80/20 - quite literally," said Despreneur Magazine, "we see from 25x to 10x when we click email and social directly with regard to compare."

"I can tell you that I see a significant difference in traffic to blog posts when I promote to my e-mail list than when i promote to social media," says Hines.

Here are the average click rates for each channel:

Email Marketing 3.57%
Facebook 0.07%
Twitter 0.03%

For Facebook and Twitter, these are commitment rates. In other words, not clicks alone, but also comments, preferences, actions, retweets, and so on.

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