6 September 2017

8 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

All of us have a bad day at work now and then. But does it mean that you have to leave your job? How one knows when it is time to quit? Or perhaps you are just tired and you need a relaxing vacation and give your current job another chance. But if you hate yours that much, that just one thought about it drives you crazy, then you should absolutely start looking for other opportunities. https://jiji.ng/jobs has the hottest job offers added every day. If you are seriously thinking about quitting, here are eight strong signals you should mind.

1. Just thinking about your work makes you unhappy
Monday is one of the worst days. But you are miserable every morning and you dread going into work. Plus, if you get unhappy just thinking about work, that is another sign that it it time to move on.

2. You are going to work only because you get paid for it

Imagine, today you are told you that would get paid for sitting at home and doing nothing. Would you leave on the same day without two weeks notice and would not even say goodbye to your colleagues?

3. You do not have any career ambitions

There is nothing you find exciting about your daily work routine. You only wish to carry out the current duties and go home at 6 pm. It is time you consider if your current position is really a good fit for you.

4.Your work is not appreciated

Your ideas are shut down or not valued anymore. You do not get approvals or acknowledgment for great work. Or you are simply overqualified for your job, do not feel stuck.

5. You do not get any satisfaction from work
Even a successfully completed project does not make you feel happy. At work, you feel a sense of relief only on Friday evening or on the eve of vacation.

6. Your job is taking a toll on your health
Are you taking as much time off as you can possibly get? Are you working so many hours you have no time to exercise, eat healthy or get enough sleep? Are your family and friends affected by this, too?

7. The balance between work and personal life is severely impaired

You have missed another dinner with friends after work because of endless reports negotiations and meetings?

8. You are loaded with new duties but the salary remains the same
If your company is downsizing, no wonder the job load has doubled, but if the company is not doubling your compensation, it is another good reason to move on. If your job does not speak to you and you find yourself miserable, you should not feel stuck on a career path that you do not like.

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