28 March 2017

iOS 10.3 is Likely to make your iPhone faster

Apple released iOS 10.3 yesterday with a new system of modern files, but like all software updates are many undocumented changes. A special change was made by Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart, who is working directly on the iOS operating system. "IOS 10.3 feels" faster "because many animations have been optimized to enhance faster operation," Lienhart said on Twitter.
The most obvious animations that Apple used in iOS when you start seeing or terminate a program or switch between them, but for my own tests no significant differences between iOS 10.2.1 device and updated 10.3.
The new system of Apple iOS 10.3 files, providing iPhones & iPads millions, the operating system should make it little faster. As APFS is designed to have low latency, that should also enhance the speed of read and write on the iOS devices. You will not notice immediately, but many applications that write data to a volume (such as video processing) may appear faster.

10.3 IOS could correctly correct a lot of frame drop, skips and strange bugs in iOS 10. It is clear from the Apple iOS settings 10.3, which is at least aware that iOS must improve its animations.

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